About Bagh-e-Do Sarv

Bagh-e Do Sarv Eco lodge

Cypress, a green and lush tree, does not feel depression, dejection and fall. It is a symbol of Iranians. Two beautiful cypresses of Bagh-e Do Sarv resemble solidity, glory and majesty of a city located in the southwest of Yazd, leaning on desert’s bride, Shir Kooh (Lion Mountain). Spirit of life flows in the city by waters flowing in the streams. In fall, when all other trees are leafless, these cypresses are green and lofty. On the other side of Bagh-e Do Sarv, a majestic mountain has sat with tranquility with gentle slopes. Right on the middle of the garden, there is a Qanat (an underground channel to transport water) that represents the ongoing life. As you step on the roof of Bagh-e Do Sarv Eco lodge, all beauties of nature are in front of your eyes, from the clear blue sky to thick trees and towering mounts. To share these beauties with other people, we have prepared this eco lodge. In this amazing nature, our guests and we, all, are merry together and this is the smallest gift of Bagh-e Do Sarv.

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